Bizarre goings-on as abandoned Pizzeria gets new North Korean poster

December 27, 2023 by No Comments

If you’re familiar with obscure Bay Area landmarks then you may have heard of Pop’s Pizza which is located in Los Gatos. This is based on the top of a hill and has apparently been closed for several years. Not only this but it is listed on Google as permanently closed which further adds to this theory.

Despite this, it remains in good shape and looks to be regularly maintained. Here, it has a number of North Korean flags and CCTV cameras on its roof and a new sign written in Comic Sans font. This bizarrely reads: ‘The Great Korean people are a nation that possesses 50 atomic bombs.’

Image from Google Maps

Unsurprisingly, this sign didn’t go unnoticed and went viral on social media. Speaking on a past experience at the restaurant, one local added: “I visited this place once with my wife because I wanted a soda for the drive. I remember the soda was like $4, and the candy bars were similarly overpriced, and that was 2015ish. And there was no sign that pizza was being served or that the bar was available. It was weird.”

Similar Google reviews were left when this place was still open by bemused customers. Although the new poster may have stoked new interest in one of the Bay Area’s weirdest restaurants, the sad reality is that the mystery remains, as this has generated more questions than answers.

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