Spencer Cox challenged over claims Utah is ranked #1 in Social Mobility

December 26, 2023 by No Comments

Recently, Utah Governor Spencer Cox was challenged after claiming that Utah was ranked #1 in Social Mobility in the nation. He made this on his Twitter account after posting a link to an institute study. Despite his optimism, many of his constituents pointed out to him that Utah also had plenty of problems.

Specifically, his tweet read: ‘Utah makes the American dream a reality. With the best economy in the nation and endless opportunities, we’re proud that Utah is ranked #1 in Social Mobility in the nation! Read the full report from the Archbridge Institute here.’ Naturally, this rather ambitious statement raised a few eyebrows.

Responding to this, one user named Michael Teems Jr. wrote: ‘American Dream in Utah? Housing prices are outrageously high in Utah. Only rich people can afford them.’ This shows that Cox’s definition of social mobility may differ from other people’s measurements of the term.

Elsewhere, another user brought up a cultural issue found in Utah, sarcastically stating: ‘But let’s end the opportunities for those people of color looking to attend our Utah universities. Especially if they’re women, right, guv?’

If nothing else, this serves as an example of how sometimes, a politician’s view on things can differ massively compared to how other people see it.


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