J.B. Pritzker slammed for tone-deaf Christmas celebrations

December 26, 2023 by No Comments

Just days before Christmas, Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker used his social media accounts to show the insides of the Governor’s Mansion which was decorated with a number of lavish Christmas trees and decorations. As you may expect, this showed grand rooms with decedent art pieces, chandeliers, and luxury architecture.

Speaking on his Twitter account, Pritzker uploaded the photos, which were accompanied by the following caption: ‘There’s no place like the Governor’s Mansion for the holidays. Come on in, take a tour, and see some of this year’s decor.’ Unsurprisingly, this drew a lot of criticism from locals and was perhaps not the best timing given the context of the state and the economic and social struggles it has gone through over the past year.

Responding to this, one user named Dave Ratliff said: “Yes, come and see all the decadence and extravagance your poor working stiff tax dollars allow Illinois’s political elite to enjoy! “Oh? You can’t afford presents or groceries this Christmas? Well, you can’t afford a tree or decorations either, so come drool over ours!”

Similarly, another user added: “Our Illinois hard working honest people tax dollars are well spent I see.”

As well as this, others pointed out the tone-deaf nature of the images and reminded Pritzker of the migrant crisis that is currently going on in the state. Whether you like or dislike Pritzker, this was definitely a PR blunder to forget.

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