Irvine Waste Management to rise by over 58% starting from next week

December 26, 2023 by No Comments

Next week, Irvine’s Waste Management will rise from $51 for October to December to $81 for January to March. Although this may not be a substantial amount to some, it also represents a 58% rise. This is due to the cost of waste bins in the city which has clearly risen significantly. Unfortunately, the city has not disclosed why this amount has risen, nor have they explained why the price rise is so substantial.

News of the rise was referenced in a recent press release from the Orange County waste and recycling trash rate survey. Interestingly though, if residents opt for a small organic waste bin then they can save $18. While this may not offset the $30 increase, it may help ease the load. Unfortunately for those with large families in Irvine, this may not be an option. A more comprehensive breakdown of fees and their respective areas can be seen below in more detail.


To make matters worse, the arrival of new bins in January will also be met with a one-time delivery charge of $20. While this may be annoying for Irvine residents, this is also not exclusive to the city. For many Americans over the past 12 months, price rises have happened across the board and when it comes to waste management in Irvine, it looks like this is the same here as well.


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