Alligator spotted in Riverview Park – But locals are skeptical

December 26, 2023 by No Comments

While alligators aren’t known for dwelling in Mesa, it looks as though one has made Riverview Park its home. Recently, a Mesa resident snapped the picture below which showed an alligator in the Riverview waters. This adds to the rumor of alligators in the city which has been persistent for years.

News of the alleged alligator was first shared on Reddit. Here, another person confirmed the sighting and claimed that it had been there for weeks. However, there is a big plot twist.


The original sighting claimed that the alligator didn’t move. This was also confirmed by the second sighting where the user added: “There’s been one in the middle of the bigger part of the water area for a few weeks, I just saw the one pictured the other day, it’s much closer to the walking paths so you can tell it’s supposed to be an alligator. They’re definitely fake. I go to the park a lot and they don’t move. I have been wondering why they’re there though!” With this in mind, it looks as though this may be some kind of bizarre prank or city initiative to keep people out of the water.

The question of whether Mesa, Arizona has alligators is a fascinating one that has been the subject of urban legends and local folklore for decades. While there have been sightings and rumors of alligators in the canals and bodies of water throughout the city, there has never been any solid evidence to prove their existence. Some residents even claim that back in the 1960s, a local alligator farm released dozens of alligators into the wild, leading to persistent rumors.


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