This Maryland mansion is huge – But it hasn’t sold in nearly one year and here is why

December 25, 2023 by No Comments

It’s never a good sign when a property hasn’t sold after being on the market for one year. Sadly, this is the case here. Interestingly, this isn’t due to it being bad, and it may actually be too impressive which is why it’s priced so highly.

Located in Potomac, this is one of the most pricey properties in Maryland, and this is for good reason too. Listed on Zillow for $12,500,000, this includes 6 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, and 16,557 sqft of living space. This also means that it is one of the biggest properties in the entire state. Based on a 1.94-acre plot of land, it’s also secluded enough for residents to enjoy their privacy.


Perhaps the best word to describe this estate is elegant. As seen from the outside, it has a huge driveway and huge pillars, and the inside is equally impressive. This has a grand foyer with a huge staircase, chandeliers, and Italian marble floors. It also includes high ceilings, a library, an elevator, a huge garage, a sauna, an indoor swimming pool, an outdoor kitchen, a fire pit, a gym, and much more.


Despite this, the fact remains that this hasn’t sold in nearly one year. Intriguingly, this had a $388,000 price cut earlier in the year but based on this, it looks as though another one may be in order to get things moving. Undeniably though, this is a truly stunning property.

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