Rock singer attacked by Santa Claus after insulting Sacramento during gig

December 25, 2023 by No Comments

During a recent deathcore performance by Smack’d Up at the Den Of Sin venue, an unanticipated altercation occurred between the band’s frontman and a member of the audience dressed as Santa Claus. The incident stemmed from the vocalist’s perceived lack of audience engagement, prompting him to express disappointment and verbally address the perceived shortcomings of the local crowd. Here, the lead singer even called out Sacramento, claiming that he expected the crowd to ‘bring it’.


This verbal exchange escalated when a costumed audience member, presumably motivated by the frontman’s remarks, ascended the stage and engaged in a physical altercation. The confrontation culminated in the frontman losing his balance and falling from the stage.

The original video was uploaded to Facebook which shows the violent exchange. Despite this, the show still went on and it is believed that the cops were not involved. While this stuff may be somewhat normal at a heavy metal event, it’s not your everyday occurrence to see a man dressed as Santa assault someone due to insulting their city. Perhaps he had too much beer and mince pies. Sadly, this isn’t a good look for Sacramento and shows a darker side to the Christmas festivities and that sometimes, Santa isn’t always on his best behavior.

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