Orange County home slashes price after arson due to messy divorce

December 25, 2023 by No Comments

An Orange County property recently slashed its price massively in a bid to get a quick sale. Originally priced at $1,149,888, the price has now been reduced to $675,000. Under usual circumstances, this may present an attractive offer.

This is because most houses in Orange County cost far more than this. Unfortunately for potential bargain hunters, the reason for the price drop is not good news. As seen in the main image, this house suffered an alleged arson attack. Looking at the garage and burned-out car, as well as the fire department, it looks as though this theory may be true.


In short, this once vibrant home has now been destroyed. Unfortunately, there are only 4 images on Redfin that only show so much. With this said, the true extent of the damage is unknown. Nonetheless, it looks very bad.


Located at Avenida Shonto in Mission Viejo, there is also a curious backstory surrounding this property. According to a local realtor, the house was torched by an angry husband. Writing on Reddit, the realtor said: “It was a divorce sale and the husband torched it the day before closing. I’m a mortgage loan officer in South Orange County, and I have lots of friends in the listing agent’s office. We all thought it was the wildest story when we heard it a couple of days ago.”

Whether this house achieves its asking price remains to be seen. Although it’s still expensive for the plot of land, this is Orange County we’re talking about. Hopefully, the eventual sale will also put an end to this sorry saga.

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