New hotel coming to Portland offers cities ‘first underground hot springs’ – But locals are skeptical

December 25, 2023 by No Comments

A new hotel is coming to Alberta St which is to open next year. Named Cascada, this is not an ordinary hotel as it also offers ‘Portland’s first underground hot springs’. While this idea sounds very relaxing and interesting, some locals aren’t buying it and have responded with a large dose of cynicism.

According to the slick Cascada website, it says ‘Journey through our 5 hydro-thermal soaking pools, steam, sauna, salt tepidarium & more. Relax with a massage and then top off your visit by sipping a cocktail with friends while lounging fireside.’

The image below also shows the promise of Portland’s first underground hot springs, which is based outside of the hotel that is currently being built.


This photo quickly gained traction and ended up on Reddit. Here, over 140 members commented with one user adding: “With how far they are bending the definition of the term I’m pretty sure anyone with a basement bathroom could claim to be ahead of them.” Others chimed in with similar comments, adding that this was effectively a basement pool and that Alberta was getting gentrified.

Ultimately, time will tell whether Cascada does fulfill its promise. This could either be a very exciting development for the people of Portland or just a fancy term for a basement swimming pool.

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