Little Rock mansion listed for sale – Let’s look inside

December 25, 2023 by No Comments

Recently, one of Little Rock’s biggest mansions has gone up for sale. Located in the desirable Sologne Cir neighborhood, this property includes 5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, and 8,693 sqft of living space and is available on Zillow. This also includes a sizeable driveway with a stunning fountain at the front of the house.

As seen, the architecture uses Spanish influences which was part of the vision of the previous owner. Originally built in 2005, this was a custom-build meaning it’s truly one of a kind. Here it features bright colors, high ceilings, white walls, extravagant pillars, tiled flooring, open-plan rooms, and red roofing.


It also includes plenty of other luxury features such as a large marble bath, games room, home cinema, gym, swimming pool, large balcony, lake, and even a small golf course. In short, it has everything that you could ask for and is closer to a hotel than a home due to its number of amenities.


As you may have figured, this is certainly not your average Little Rock home. In total, it is listed for $2,500,000 which also highlights the real estate climate of the city. While this isn’t cheap, you could imagine this property having a zero on the end if it was based in California. With this said, it may not be on the market for too long.

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