Jared Polis performs Feliz Navidad Christmas song – And Coloradans are calling it cringy

December 25, 2023 by No Comments

In a lighthearted Christmas video, Colorado Governor Jared Polis recently performed his own rendition of the classic Spanish song Feliz Navidad. Released in 1970, this translates to Merry Christmas. Deciding to play up to Christmas traditions, Polis danced and sang in front of the Colorado flag with a beaming smile on his face, complete with dance moves.

Naturally, this performance was always going to bring criticism. Although done jokingly, it didn’t sit very well with Polis’s detractors who labeled it cringy. This video was uploaded to the governor’s Twitter account and gained plenty of attention. However, not all of it was positive.

Responding to this, some users took it very seriously, claiming that it represented the state in a bad way. Here one user even went as far as to say: “Good grief. You can always tell when a politician has dreams of making it to the national level. The pandering becomes off-the-charts cringe.”

Similarly, a user named Clint Weststeele simply put: “Extremely embarrassing…cringe.”

While Polis’s antics were fairly cringy, you could also argue that the responses were a bit over the top. Whether you love or hate the governor, it should be noted that this is Christmas and is the one day of the year when a little cringe is allowed.

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