Christmas truck hits Charlotte roads – But it is not road legal

December 25, 2023 by No Comments

Yesterday night, on Christmas Eve, one of Charlotte’s most extravagant vehicles was sighted using the roads. This was a truck that was completely decked out in festive Christmas lights. The entire truck was covered and even featured two Santa Claus faces and a wreath on the back. In the cargo bed was a sizeable Christmas tree that was also adorned with lots of lights.

While this was eye-catching and certainly promoted Christmas spirit, it was also not road-legal. The reason for this is based on the lights. In Charlotte and North Carolina, cars can only use red and blue lights while other cars are not prohibited. Not only this but the fact that these lights blocked the view of the brake lights is yet another reason why this car was not legal. Remember, these rules are in place to ensure the safety of all drivers and pedestrians on the road, so it’s important to follow them at all times.


News of the car was first shared on Reddit where users expressed similar feelings. Here, many encouraged the festivities of the truck while also pointing out that this was a literal safety hazard. Over the years, this car has often been spotted around Christmas time driving around Charlotte. With this said, it may not be legal but looks as though it’s business as usual where the driver is concerned.

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