Car spotted driving through Los Angeles River

December 25, 2023 by No Comments

In bizarre scenes, a car decided to go for a drive through the Los Angeles River yesterday on Christmas Eve. As seen in the image below, the car drove through the water which also begs the question as to how it entered the river in the first place. Thankfully for the car, the tide was low and the car was situated away from the deeper areas.

Still, this isn’t exactly normal behavior and is a fairly unusual sight. To make matters worse, the car in question was a Nissan Altima. For car enthusiasts among us, Nissan drivers are notorious for making mistakes while on the roads, however this image takes the stereotype to a whole new level.


The image in question went viral on social media which isn’t too surprising considering the context. Here, numerous people commented on the absurdity of the situation and how the driver had gone to extreme lengths to avoid the Christmas traffic.

The LA river is actually thousands of years old and as the city of Los Angeles grew, the river became an important source of water, but also a source of severe flooding. To mitigate the floods, the Army Corps of Engineers concrete-lined the river in the 1930s, which transformed it into a mostly man-made waterway.

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