Tacoma mansion hits the market – And it’s bigger than it looks

December 24, 2023 by No Comments

One of Tacoma’s biggest houses has just been listed for sale. Despite its sizeable living space, the property actually doesn’t look too big from the outside, which may have to do with its minimalist architecture. However, it goes back quite far and is 7,300 sqft in size. This is based in the well-known Browns Point Boulevard neighborhood and was built in 2013. Because of this, it still looks very modern and it’s fair to say there aren’t too many houses like this in the city.


Listed on Zillow, this also includes 7 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, and a host of other amenities. Having said this, the crowning feature is probably the view. The backyard has stunning river views which are accentuated by the use of a balcony, and an elevated yard with a swimming pool.


As you may have figured, this comes at a price. It is listed on Zillow for a cool $2,800,000 and also includes a sauna, wine cellar, media room, and workout rooms. As well, the main living and bedrooms are all spacious and well-designed. Interestingly, this curious home is situated behind a number of trees and a large security gate. Because of this, you could easily walk past it and barely notice it, or at least not appreciate its sheer size and scale.


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