Opening date announced for Valley Metro Rail

December 24, 2023 by No Comments

The Valley Metro Rail system proudly announces the imminent commencement of service on the much-anticipated second phase of its Northwest Phoenix Light Rail Extension project. Originally slated for completion in 2026, the project is ahead of schedule by two years and will begin operations on January 27th, 2024.

This 1.6-mile extension significantly expands the reach of the light rail system westward, traversing Dunlap Avenue from 19th Avenue, northward on 25th Avenue, and ultimately crossing Interstate 17 via a dedicated rail bridge to reach the burgeoning Metrocenter area.

Three new stations will be inaugurated along the route: one at the intersection of 25th and Dunlap avenues, another at the juncture of Mountain View Road and 25th Avenue, and a third within the redeveloped Metrocenter district.

The Metrocenter station, strategically situated west of I-17 between Peoria and Dunlap avenues, marks a historic milestone for Valley Metro. It will be the system’s first elevated rail station, offering passengers a unique perspective as trains traverse the freeway on the dedicated bridge. Moreover, the station will serve as a central transit hub, featuring a four-story park-and-ride garage and an array of public art installations. This facility has been aptly named after Thelda Williams, the late Phoenix councilwoman and mayor who championed public transportation and served as chair of Valley Metro’s rail system.

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Further underscoring the project’s commitment to environmental sustainability, over 200 new trees have been planted along the extension’s path.

Construction on Phase II commenced in 2020, four years after the successful completion of Phase I, which introduced a 3.2-mile addition to the Light Rail system. The project’s funding has been secured through a combination of sources, including Phoenix Transportation 2050, Proposition 400, and federal grants.

Valley Metro extends its sincere gratitude to all partners and stakeholders who have contributed to the successful and expedited completion of the Northwest Phoenix Light Rail Extension. This project represents a significant advancement in the region’s public transportation infrastructure and promises to enhance connectivity, accessibility, and economic opportunities for Phoenix residents.


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