Hoptology employee leaks information on moldy, unsanitary behind the scenes conditions

December 24, 2023 by No Comments

Yesterday, an alleged employee at Hopology took to social media to expose the conditions of the taproom. Here, they gave a lengthy message which began by writing: ‘I’ve been hesitant on posting this but I can’t sit back and keep my mouth shut while this business is actively serving food and drinks to my community.’ The full message can be seen on Reddit which was accompanied by images.

The anonymous insider continued, claiming to have worked at the eatery for the past 3 months and included photographs of their findings. This included a burst sewage pipe, mold in the ice machine, and fruits left overnight. Furthermore, they also said that the venue included drug paraphernalia, a moldy fridge, and a kitchen damaged by rainwater.


It should be noted that this is based on one person’s claims which have not been backed up or confirmed by others. Nonetheless, if these claims are true then this evidence is damning. According to the same person, the restaurant had not recently been tested by inspectors, which may explain how it ended in such a state. At this point in time, Hoptology has not responded. Regardless, from a public relations perspective, this news will undoubtedly affect the trust between customers and Hoptology.

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