Bizarre truck spotted in San Diego with strange messages written on it

December 24, 2023 by No Comments

When thinking about cars in San Diego, you may typically think of slick Teslas and other high-end vehicles. However, the truck in question bucks this trend and is more of an eyesore rather than a showstopper.

As seen, it is filled with junk in the back, including a large soft toy, plastic skeleton, pushchair, and other miscellaneous products. However, this is not the half of it. As seen, the car also has a number of deranged scribbles on its side. Some of the sentences included ‘Weapons of mass destruction’, ‘veterans with administrative satanic denials at the ya’, and ‘Biden’. The other messages could not be seen due to fading.


News of the truck was first shared on Reddit which prompted a discussion with San Diego locals. Here, one user claimed that this truck frequented UTC and Balboa Ave 24-Hour Fitness and that the truck often changed the messages on the exterior.

They also confirmed that the soft tiger toy was a permanent fixture on the back but everything else changed sporadically. Unfortunately, this image brings up more questions than answers and the identity of the driver remains unknown. Nonetheless, it goes without saying that you won’t forget this truck in a hurry if you’re out and about.

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