A Baker’s Wife Cow mascot gets beheaded yet again

December 24, 2023 by No Comments

Unfortunately, the Baker’s Wife bakery cow mascot has been destroyed yet again. Over the years, this plastic cow has been damaged countless times and now its head has been removed. As seen in the image below, the head has been completely removed.

While not the worst crime in the world, it is still senseless and begs the question why? Not only this but it makes the area look worse and costs the bakery money to fix it every time it gets damaged. To make matters worse, this is an independent bakery that is known across Minneapolis for its community spirit.


It is not known whether this is the result of a repeat offender or whether it is randomly targeted. Nonetheless, it has certainly been noticed by locals. News of the beheading was first mentioned on Reddit where users condemned the attack. Here, one user claimed that CCTV could potentially curtail similar crimes in the future. However, some were more skeptical, claiming that CCTV may be futile.

Established over 20 years ago, this sweet spot has been serving up delicious pastries, cakes, and breads to the community for decades. The bakery’s original owner, Bill Tolle, retired in 2016, but the new owner, Eric Shogren, has kept many of Tolle’s most popular recipes in rotation.

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