Yet another Milwaukee Walgreens to close within weeks

December 20, 2023 by No Comments

Residents of Milwaukee’s north side are grappling with the closure of their local Walgreens at Teutonia and Capitol, set to happen in just a matter of weeks on January 15th. This latest shuttering adds to a growing list of Walgreens closures across the country, leaving communities like this one to face the inconvenience of losing a vital resource.

For many, the Capitol and Teutonia Walgreens wasn’t just a drugstore; it was a lifeline. It provided essential medication, toiletries, and other necessities within walking distance, especially crucial for those without reliable transportation. Now, the closest Walgreens will be a 40-minute walk away, creating a significant hardship for many.

While Walgreens cites ‘dynamics of the local market and changes in consumer habits’ as the general reasons for the closure, specific details remain elusive. However, Milwaukee Police Department call for service records paints a different picture. Since the beginning of 2023, officers have been called to the Teutonia and Capitol location a staggering 59 times for business checks, thefts, and shoplifters. This figure represents nearly half of the MPD’s total calls for service at the location for the entire year.

The closure of the Teutonia and Capitol Walgreens serves as a stark reminder of the challenges facing brick-and-mortar stores in the digital age. While online shopping and changing consumer habits undoubtedly play a role, the issue of security and shoplifting cannot be ignored. Finding a balance between convenience, safety, and the needs of the community will be crucial for ensuring equitable access to essential services in neighborhoods like this one.

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