New Dive Bar opens – And you may know of its owner

December 20, 2023 by No Comments

A new bar and eatery has just opened in downtown Grand Rapids. Owner Spencer Raymond calls The Foolery, a fine dive bar, and one look around reveals why. A vibrant mixture of photos and movie posters adorns the walls, celebrating pop culture icons from Ghostbusters to The Goonies. This playful spirit extends to the menu, which centers around Detroit-style square pan pizzas that are sure to tantalize your taste buds.

Located on the ground floor of the Marriott Residence Inn, this prime spot near Grand Rapids Brewing Company and the Van Andel Arena promises to be a lively hub for pre-game gatherings and post-event celebrations.

For those familiar with Grand Rapids’ burgeoning food scene, Raymond’s name might ring a bell. He’s also the mastermind behind Social Misfits, the gourmet waffle and craft cocktail bar next door. It’s no surprise then that The Foolery feels like a kindred spirit, sharing a playful edge and a focus on unique experiences.

Currently, The Foolery is settling into its rhythm, adjusting its hours to find the perfect groove. Their goal is to be open seven days a week, offering a welcoming space for anyone seeking a slice of Detroit-style goodness and a dash of quirky fun. So, keep an eye on their hours and get ready to experience the infectious charm of The Foolery, Grand Rapids’ latest dive bar.

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