Mysterious lights spotted in Iowa skies – However there is a simple explanation

December 20, 2023 by No Comments

Yesterday, an image went viral on social media that showed a mysterious light projecting amber colors into the Iowa skies near Des Moines. This was taken by a commuter who asked about it. According to said commuter, the light came from a nearby building and claimed that it was incredibly bright. Although intriguing, the sad reality is that this has a pretty mundane explanation and isn’t anything paranormal or spooky.

News of the lights was first mentioned on Reddit where the photographer said: “Late last night I was driving through Iowa (Arkansas to Minnesota, where I live), and a little north of Des Moines, I saw a light growing on the horizon. I probably noticed it twenty or thirty miles before I actually got to it, and when I did, though I only had a chance to glance at it, it looked like it was coming through a building. The entire thing, noticing and passing it, was in an extremely rural area. The closest town I fixed in my head was Mason City. I was on 35N. Anyone know what it is?”


It turns out that this is the result of a local greenhouse that grows tomatoes. Bushel Boy Farms is a sustainable greenhouse farming operation that’s headquartered in Mason City, Iowa. They specialize in growing premium quality fruits and vegetables year-round, using innovative and sustainable farming techniques. So, if you see these lights in the future then do not be alarmed. Unsurprisingly, the explanation is very Iowan and involves growing crops.


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