Brian Kemp blasted over budget proposal for school safety

December 20, 2023 by No Comments

Yesterday, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp made an announcement on his Twitter page. Here, he claimed that his upcoming budget proposal would grant schools $45,000 for safety measures protecting students and teachers.

Writing on Twitter, Kemp said: ‘This morning, I proudly announced that in my upcoming budget proposal we will provide Georgia schools with a $45,000 school safety allocation – giving our schools the ability to plan and implement long-term measures that will keep our students and teachers safe.’

Although Kemp was pleased with the proposal, it’s fair to say not everyone agreed with him. Replying in the comments section, many used his statement to highlight its flaws.

Replying to this, one user named Regina Smith claimed: “You should’ve used that $45K-per-school funding on better health are for all Georgians. A better use of your time would be enacting SENSIBLE gun laws in GA that lessen the probability of a school shooting. Instead, you unleash more guns on GA streets/schools.”

Elsewhere, another user added: “Eliminate gun free zones and stop School Shootings. Safety Resource Officers are notorious for running the other way and waiting on help to arrive while children are slaughtered.”

Overall, this shows the disconnect between Kemp and some of his constituents. What was viewed as a positive was taken as the opposite, and highlights the ideological divide in the state.


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