Bizarre scenes as customers burst into religious song inside Kansas City Walmart

December 20, 2023 by No Comments

Yesterday, a bizarre video went viral that showed a group of Walmart shoppers spontaneously descending into religious songs while shopping. Here, around 100 people stopped and began singing Christian hymns with many of them holding their hands in the air.

An unusual sight, this prompted various passersby to either join in or stop in shock and start filming with their phones. Not much is known about why the singing began or whether it was pre-meditated. Nonetheless, it’s not exactly something you’d expect to see while shopping for groceries and is a pretty strange situation to stumble into.

The video was first uploaded to Reddit where a number of users condemned the singing. While some may view it as harmless fun, others claimed it was an example of cringe-worthy virtue signaling. Similarly, one user joked that it was ‘the most American thing that I’ve ever seen’, while another claimed it would never happen inside Target.

Over the years, flashmobs have been known for their public antics but it seems as though this form of religious flashmob is something new entirely. The exact location of the event is not known, however it was believed to take place at a Walmart store in Kansas City, Missouri.

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