Tim Walz blasted after spending $350 million on new homes

December 19, 2023 by No Comments

Recently, Minnesota Governor Tim Walz announced that the state would be spending $350 million on new affordable houses. According to Walz, this would also lead to economic growth which was announced on his Twitter account. Here, he viewed the investment as a positive. However, not everyone agreed with this. The comments section had over 190 replies, with many of them quick to criticize his housing plan.

Walz’s original tweet read: ‘Housing is a basic human need. With this historic slate of development projects – over 4,700 housing units in the next year alone – we’re building a foundation for safety, stability, and economic growth.’

Interestingly, this drew attention from Mike Murphy who is currently running for the Minnesota governor position. Replying to Walz, he said: “Which one of your buddies is building all the homes? Is it the same guy you bought the cold storage building from for all the COVID-19 deaths and later sold at a loss because it was never utilized?”

Elsewhere, a user named Lana O’Keefe added: “They’ll just turn into ghetto projects that are unsafe to live in. Does nothing to increase state revenue, but it does take a lot from taxpayers.”

While the last comment may be put bluntly, it also holds a valid point and unfortunately, Walz may be making the mistake of repeating history at the expense of the Minnesota taxpayer.

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