New Barbecue Dive Bar to open soon – And you may already know of its location

December 19, 2023 by No Comments

After two years of sharing a stage with Fox and Pearl’s modern cuisine, Chef Vaughn Good’s acclaimed Night Goat Barbecue is finally claiming its own spotlight. In a move that elevates both dining experiences, Good is relocating Night Goat to a historic space with a surprising twist: Fox and Pearl’s very own basement, soon to be reborn as Night Goat Tavern.

The space, once home to the legendary El Pozo speakeasy, has lain dormant for years, awaiting a worthy revival. Now, under Good’s watchful eye, it will transform into a haven for casual revelry, fueled by juicy barbecue and flowing drinks.

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Night Goat Tavern will tantalize taste buds Wednesday through Sunday, 5 pm till midnight, offering Good’s signature smoky creations in a new, bar-friendly format. Tacos and sandwiches will take center stage, promising an irresistible fusion of flavor and fun.

While we wait for the Tavern’s late spring/early summer debut, there’s no need to delay your barbecue fix. Every Thursday evening, 5-10 pm, Good’s culinary magic will fill the air in Fox and Pearl’s downstairs lounge. Over the years, Night Goat has earned a stellar reputation within the Kansas City foodie community. Because of this, it is good to see it evolving into something more permanent.

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