Military helicopters sighted over Hollywood sign

December 19, 2023 by No Comments

A spectacle unfolded in Los Angeles skies yesterday as residents became unwitting witnesses to a breathtaking display of military might. Soaring effortlessly above the suburban horizon, a formation of Boeing CH-47 Chinook helicopters sliced through the air, their distinctive twin rotors carving out a path of awe amongst onlookers. The sight, rarely witnessed amidst the urban landscape, was enough to send chills down spines and ignite a flurry of curious gazes.

The Chinook’s arrival, though sudden, wasn’t entirely silent. Known for their bone-rattling rumbles that often presage their visual appearance, these aerial behemoths carry a reputation for significant noise. And yet, when they finally pierced the veil of anticipation, the sight proved worth the wait.


News of the Chinooks was first referenced on Reddit where the photographer asked about their origin. Here, one eyewitness claimed they were part of a movie, as a camera helicopter was seen following them. This was also confirmed by another user, who added that these are part of private for hire under contract with LA County Fire Department. So, it looks like these were in town as part of Hollywood rather than for anything serious.

Regardless, each of these helicopters bears a hefty price tag, hovering around a staggering $30 million. The impromptu flyover, therefore, inadvertently showcased a sky-borne collection with a combined value exceeding $120 million.

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