Locals puzzled as dead geese turn up over Natomas – And no one knows why

December 19, 2023 by No Comments

Yesterday, scores of dead geese were sighted in parts of Natomas. In the image below, a total of six geese were photographed which were all deceased. In total, over 100 geese were found dead. It goes without saying that this is not a usual sight and understandably, locals are wondering what is going on. Unfortunately, there is no explanation as to what caused these deaths and as of now, there is no concrete reason. However, there are two leading theories based on what happened.

The first reason is based on the recent lightning strikes that have occurred in Sacramento over the past few days. It is possible that these birds were struck down by lightning and killed as a group. The second theory is based on aviation flu. This is a virus that kills birds and has been very aggressive across the US over the past year. As a result, sometimes birds are killed by this which can look very random in the aftermath.


News of the dead geese was first shared on Reddit, where one user had this to say: “Again??? Where was this exactly? This happened last year I think too, dozens and dozens (at least 50) of multiple species but mostly snow geese over a two-mile line after an intense storm. Most had no obvious wounds but some had heads and wings ripped off. Their bodies fell all over our neighborhood, roads, yards, and sidewalks. I remember the theory CDFW (?) put out just didn’t make sense. The night of the last one, there was a plane that had to turn around due to a bird strike, wonder if that happened last night too.”

Bizarrely, it seems that this is not the first of its kind in Sacramento. As mentioned earlier, right now this situation has more questions than it does answers and may not be solved anytime soon.

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