Brutal image shows extent of flooding with car completely submerged

December 19, 2023 by No Comments

Yesterday, an image went viral on social media that showed a neon green car completely submerged due to the recent flooding in Chucktown. According to the photographer, the pumps weren’t on despite days of news. If true, then this will make the situation even more painful for the owner of this particular car. As seen, this will be a complete write-off as the water will have completely covered the engine and internal parts. Sadly, this wasn’t the only car to be destroyed as part of the storms that have recently ravaged the city.

The image was first posted on Reddit where the same user also had this to say: “Yesterday in the thick of the storms. It was still draining and roads shut down where it was really bad (where these pics were from) as of this morning. Apparently one of the highest non-hurricane related tide marks for the city.”


Unfortunately for New Orleans, these sights are nothing new. This is because it sits below sea level and lacks the natural shields of healthy wetlands, it’s perpetually at the mercy of rising water. Leaky levees can turn the Mississippi River into an angry neighbor while sinking land deepens the city’s vulnerability.

Paved surfaces send rain cascading into outdated drains, leading to flash floods. And looming over it all is climate change, with rising sea levels and fiercer storms making the future even more precarious.

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