Tokyo Central confirmed to be coming to Irvine next year

December 18, 2023 by No Comments

For several months now, rumors have circulated that Tokyo Central will be opening a new Irvine location at Heritage Square next to Buffalo Wild Wings. Up until recently, this hasn’t been confirmed. However, a leaked document has shown blueprints for the site and its new location. According to the image seen below, Tokyo Central will be opening next year.

This comes just weeks after Zion Mart closed one of its Irvine locations nearby. As a result, it looks like the city will be swapping a Korean grocery for a Japanese one. In other words, if you’re looking to get your Asian grocery fix then it looks like Tokyo Central will have you covered. However, an exact opening date has not yet been confirmed.


Tokyo Central is a grocery store chain that specializes in Japanese food and specialty items. It’s known for its extensive selection of high-quality, authentic Japanese products, including everything from fresh sushi and sashimi to traditional ramen and rice dishes, as well as sake, tea, and snacks.

Tokyo Central stores are also often decorated with Japanese-inspired decor, making them a fun and immersive shopping experience for anyone interested in Japanese culture. The chain has locations in several cities in the United States, and it’s become a popular destination for people looking to stock up on Japanese ingredients or to try something new


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