New Japanese Toy Store opens in Lafayette

December 18, 2023 by No Comments

Last week, a new toy store opened on 1538 Main Street. Specifically, this store is based on Japanese plushie toys which according to the owner, are sourced directly from Japan in person. This features an array of official Pokemon soft toys which are direct from Pokemon Center shops in Tokyo. As seen, this mostly features a lot of Pokemon-themed toys, as well as Nintendo and other brands as well.

Aptly named Plushie Mart, the announcement of the opening was made on Reddit by the owner. Here, they discussed their business plans as well as what products would be on offer in the future. Often, licensed plush dolls can be very desirable for collectors due to the potential to skyrocket in value, as well as having a cult status. As well as this, the store’s goings-on can also be documented on its social media pages.

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With this said plushie fans in Lafayette will surely see this addition as a positive. Nonetheless, it also remains to be seen whether such a niche shop can last the distance in an area such as Lafayette due to the size and demographics of the population.

The operating hours are noon to 8 pm every day while being closed on Tuesdays.

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