Michelle Lujan Grisham criticized over gun crime comments

December 18, 2023 by No Comments

Recently, New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham took to her personal Twitter to boast about cutting crime in the state. Specifically, she targeted gun crime and listed off a bunch of targets, claiming that her gun policies were working. This tweet proved to be very controversial, as it garnered over 300 comments with many of them using the platform to criticize the governor.

Here, she wrote: ‘ICYMI: Our Public Health Order on guns is WORKING: 219 guns seized. 439 guns safely surrendered at buybacks. 2,490 bad guys arrested. Arrests DOUBLED b/w Sept and Nov.’

Replying to this, one user stated: ‘Buybacks are when people use the money to upgrade their guns. Bad guys arrested is what you’re already supposed to do. Perhaps you focus on arresting criminals and not lessening felony charges to keep them off the streets. Either way…we’re keeping our guns and upgrading.’

Elsewhere, another user added: ‘All of those things can happen just by supporting police doing their job. Overriding our rights with a “public health emergency” is unacceptable.’

Unfortunately for the governor, it looks as though many New Mexicans felt very strongly about this issue and claimed that Grisham wasn’t doing enough to back up her claims when it came to tackling dangerous criminals in the state.

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