Eerie photo shows brute force of fog in downtown Salt Lake City

December 18, 2023 by No Comments

Utahns are encountering dense fog as they embark on their Monday morning commutes. The heavy fog shrouding Salt Lake City is expected to dissipate gradually and clear up by the afternoon. Meanwhile, cold temperatures have blanketed the state, providing a chilly start to the day.

However, it was last night that showed the true extent of the fog that was captured in a moody image that went viral on social media. Here, it showed impaired vision, and buildings beyond 100 meters away could not be seen due to the thickness of the fog. Naturally, this gained comedic Batman and Silent Hill comparisons which are two fictional worlds based in foggy landscapes.


Dense fog is relatively common in Salt Lake City during the colder months of the year, particularly during the winter and early spring. The frequency of fog depends on several factors, such as the size of the Great Salt Lake, which can affect the formation of fog.

Generally, the larger the lake, the greater the chance of fog formation. The frequency of fog also varies from year to year, but overall, it is a regular occurrence in Salt Lake City during the colder months. Nonetheless, even by Salt Lake City standards, this sight is still rare and shows just how extreme the weather has been lately.

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