Boston sees rare Double Storrowing after two trucks caught under infamous bridge

December 18, 2023 by No Comments

Yesterday, not one but two vehicles simultaneously fell victim to the infamous Storrow Drive bridge. One was a U-Haul truck, while the other was a trash truck. These occupied two of the three available lanes and looked to have entered the bridge at the same time. While this sight isn’t too uncommon in Boston, two trucks at once are very rare.

News of the double Storrowing was shared on social media, where users joked about the ridiculousness situation.


Over the years, Boston’s Storrow Drive has become synonymous with this particular type of mishap – truck-to-bridge collisions. In fact, these incidents have become so commonplace that the term ‘Storrowed’ has been loosely adopted to refer to any truck-bridge collision in New England.

While the official records only account for trucks that have actually hit the bridges, many more drivers manage to avert a catastrophe by narrowly avoiding a collision. However, these near misses often result in drivers having to reverse their vehicles in the middle of a busy roadway, causing further delays and disruptions.

Storrow Drive, overseen by the Department of Conservation and Recreation, was constructed as a parkway in 1951. Since its inception, it has maintained a strict prohibition on trucks and buses due to height restrictions and other limitations.

The combination of low bridges, heavy traffic, and a lack of familiarity with the roadway has made Storrow Drive a magnet for trucks that find themselves woefully unprepared for the height clearances. The result is a recurring cycle of unfortunate incidents that have earned the road a place in Boston’s urban folklore.


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