Shock as callous thieves steal mail from Spicewood Springs apartment block

December 17, 2023 by No Comments

Yesterday, it was revealed that an apartment block based at Hundred Oaks Cir in Spicewood Springs was targeted by mail fraud. Here, photos showed a locker completely emptied in the aftermath of the robbery. In total, this showed 19 lockers completely opened with their contents missing.

This was also accompanied by a sign stuck on the side of the mailbox. This sign read: ‘Somebody is stealing mail. We’ve had a package and debit card stolen. Be careful neighbors! December 16, 2023. Robbed again. Found all doors open on the right side. 9/11 said call 3/11. 3/11 said to call USPS. USPS said to fill out a form online. Be warned – Ya’ll stuff may get stolen!’


News of the crime was first posted to Reddit by a user who photographed the empty lockers. This was the second time the mail had been stolen in the past month. Not only this but other Austin residents had reported similar things in other areas of the city. Whether these crimes are linked or whether it is just an unlucky patch has not yet been proven. Nonetheless, this serves as a timely reminder with the holidays in full swing for residents to stay vigilant when it comes to mail and to check their boxes regularly.


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