Semi Truck stuck after crashing into Kings Highway underpass

December 17, 2023 by No Comments

Last night, a semi-truck was caught in the underpass at the King’s Highway after failing to pass due to its size. This happened at the Q/B station and a number of Brooklyn residents stopped and looked on in awe at the spectacle. In fairness, it’s not every day that you’ll see something like this, and cops were quick on the scene to control the traffic flow. According to the photographer, air was later let out of the tires to allow the truck to move easier. However, it is not known whether this was effective.

Interestingly, the bridge has a clear 12-2 sign upon arrival, which should have warned the truck about trying to fit through. It should also be known that driving 53′ trucks is illegal in New York City, which begs the question of what the truck was doing there in the first place.


Sometimes, these bridges are referred to as ‘can openers’ and have gained notoriety due to the frequent collisions between overheight vehicles and the bridge structure, earning them their infamous nickname, as the impact often resembles the opening of a can. Based on this, it looks as though this was a night to forget for the truck driver, and whoever owned it will now have to go through the logistical nightmare of trying to fix its roof.

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