Locals furious after Philly council approves 15 cent paper bag fee

December 17, 2023 by No Comments

In an effort to curb the use of single-use bags, Philadelphia City Council approved a 15-cent charge for paper bags at retail establishments. This fee aims to discourage shoppers from relying solely on disposable bags and promote the adoption of reusable alternatives.

The decision follows the city’s 2022 ban on plastic bags. Although initially hesitant to include a similar fee for paper bags, Councilman Mark Squilla, the bill’s author, revisited the idea given the observed surge in paper bag usage following the plastic ban.

Responding on social media, one user claimed that this law was misguided, claiming: “If you want to clean up the trash in the city, stop worrying about shopping bags and make it illegal to drop 2000 pizza menus all around the neighborhood. Make the Northeast Times subscription only. And the best one is the past election where every single house got flyers left on it from people trying to get elected, the irony is palpable.”

Retailers will retain the proceeds from the bag fees, which will be prominently displayed on receipts. The bill passed by a narrow margin of 13-2, with Councilmembers Brian O’Neill and Mike Driscoll voicing their opposition. Mayor Jim Kenney now holds the authority to sign the bill into law.

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