Kevin Stitt criticized over ‘identity politics’ comments

December 17, 2023 by No Comments

Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt recently kicked the proverbial hornet’s nest after commenting on identity politics within the state. His comments were made on Twitter and gained over 170 replies. While some of them agreed with his stance, many disagreed and were quick to let him know it. This also highlighted divisions within the state when it comes to certain values.

Speaking on Twitter, Stitt wrote: ‘In Oklahoma, social identity doesn’t define our success. It’s our work ethic, principles, and skills that set us apart. Oklahoma agencies and institutes for higher ed are going to take a second look at their DEI practices to ensure we aren’t funding identity politics.’

Replying to this, one user claimed: “Actually, you’re wrong. It’s much easier to succeed when you have a community of peers who have had to battle the same societal roadblocks put up to prevent anyone but straight, white, Christian males from advancement. I wouldn’t expect you to understand this.”

Elsewhere, another user said this: “This definitely gives the wrong vibes to any company or big business that is considering moving to our state. Between that and our ranking in education, being the 2nd worst state to live in, healthcare, and other metrics we suck as a potential site. Do Better!”

As ever, this shows that when it comes to politics, everyone has a different perspective no matter what the issue.

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