Huge fire under I-5 caused by Winnebago

December 17, 2023 by No Comments

Yesterday morning a huge fire sent plumes of smoke into the Seattle city center skies after a Winnebago set fire under the I-5. This was documented via video and showed a large blaze under the bridge. Thankfully, the flames were eventually put out but this was no easy task and required a lot of resources to do so.

The video was first uploaded to Reddit where fire engines could also be heard towards the end of the clip. Here, one local resident also said: “I live on that street just north of the fire and have been watching this morning. Tons of firefighters and cops. They’ve got a saw going to cut open the RV and the hydrants going. The city was supposed to be doing electrical work under there to restore the lights that haven’t worked for years, but I’m guessing it will be delayed now.”


As is often the case with these issues, locals were quick to blame the Seattle homeless population. Unfortunately, many homeless residents have taken to sleeping in RVs under bridges, while they often cause fires due to wild cooking and other dangerous habits. As a result, it is believed that this Winnebago was part of a homeless encampment. Despite the fire growing to a considerable size, it is believed that there were no injuries involved.


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