Footage shows Fireball spotted in Albuquerque night sky

December 17, 2023 by No Comments

Last night at 4:13 AM, an Albuquerque resident managed to film a fireball passing through the sky. According to the videographer, the footage cut off after the fireball moved behind a house. Interestingly, this isn’t the first time a fireball has been spotted in the Albuquerque skies. In fact, several of them have been sighted over the years. Back in late April of this year, one was also spotted in Santa Fe.

News of the fireball was first posted on Reddit. According to the user who posted the video, a separate explosion was also reported in the area roughly one hour beforehand. However, it is not known if the two are linked.


Despite looking paranormal, fireballs have a fairly mundane explanation. Also known as bolides, they are caused by the entry of meteoroids into Earth’s atmosphere. Meteoroids are small rocky or metallic objects that orbit the Sun. When a meteoroid enters Earth’s atmosphere, it encounters air molecules at high speeds, causing the meteoroid to heat up and vaporize quickly. This process releases a lot of energy in the form of light, which is what we see as a fireball. Sometimes, they can be man-made creations too such as satellites, although this is typically much less common.

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