Virginia Vase sells for $107,100 after being purchased for just $4

December 16, 2023 by No Comments

An extraordinary stroke of luck befell a thrift store enthusiast in Richmond, Virginia, who stumbled upon an Italian glass vase worth a staggering $107,100, after acquiring it for a mere $4. The provenance of this remarkable piece remains shrouded in mystery, as it somehow found its way into a Goodwill donation bin despite its impeccable condition and undeniable historical significance.

Jessica Vincent, the thrift store treasure seeker, is no stranger to exploring flea markets and secondhand stores near her Richmond home. Her discerning eye was immediately drawn to the vase’s vibrant hues and substantial weight, yet she had no inkling of the object’s true worth. As Vincent explained to Elle Decor, she plans to use the proceeds from the auction to renovate her farmhouse and indulge in a few well-deserved luxuries.

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The vase, crafted by the renowned Italian architect and industrial designer Carlo Scarpa around 1947, belongs to his esteemed Pennellate series. Scarpa’s mastery of glassblowing is evident in this exquisite piece, which emulates the strokes of a painter through a delicate interplay of opaque and transparent glass appliqués. This particular vase holds exceptional value, standing as one of the few surviving examples of Scarpa’s Venini work worldwide. Even more remarkable is the fact that it is one of only two vases known to possess the same distinctive color pattern.

Vincent’s newfound wealth emerged after seeking guidance from an antique-glass forum on Facebook. Upon learning the vase’s true value, she wisely declined an offer of $10,000, opting instead to auction the piece. The auction commenced on December 13, 2023, at Wright Auction House, where it garnered an astonishing $107,100, including the buyer’s premium.

This serendipitous discovery serves as a testament to the power of serendipity and the enduring beauty of Italian craftsmanship. The vase’s journey from a Goodwill donation bin to a coveted auction piece epitomizes the transformative magic that sometimes unfolds amidst the ordinary.

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