NYPD seizes 77 unlicensed pedicabs after recent crackdown

December 16, 2023 by No Comments

In a concerted effort to curb illegal pedicab operations, police officers conducted a sweeping operation in Midtown Manhattan on Wednesday. They apprehended 77 pedicabs, one moped, and two loudspeakers in high-traffic areas like Central Park, Rockefeller Center, Bryant Park, Times Square, and the Empire State Building. As a result of this sting, 100 summonses were issued to the operators of these non-compliant vehicles.

News of the crackdown was posted on Instagram, where a statement read: ‘Some good news: 77 unlicensed pedicabs were seized by the NYPD yesterday. Pedicabs can be fun but they need to be licensed and follow the rules. They’ve been out of control recently and ‘m happy to see that our calls for enforcement are beginning to see some results.’

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Ibrahim Donmez, the proprietor of New York Pedicab Services, a platform that connects clients with pedicab drivers, expressed concern about the influx of complaints regarding excessive fares from unsuspecting tourists seeking reimbursement. He advised them to approach the Bottcher’s office for assistance, clarifying that these incidents most likely stemmed from unlicensed drivers unaffiliated with his business.

In response to inquiries about the crackdown’s rationale and the whereabouts of the confiscated pedicabs, the NYPD remained non-committal. To operate a pedicab legally, drivers must acquire a special city license, which requires annual renewal. The pedicab itself must also display a registration tag at the front, but the law caps the issuance of these tags at 850 at a time. Additionally, pedicab operators must adhere to various regulations, including a ban on motorized pedicabs, a category overlooked when the city legalized e-bikes a few years ago.

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