New Indian grocery store opens in Jersey City – And it looks delicious

December 16, 2023 by No Comments

Jersey City now has a new Indian grocery store. Located at 430 Central Ave in Heights, Namaste Grocery claims to offer desi snacks, vegetables, fruits, and frozen foods. As you would also expect, this includes a variety of pastries, samosas, chai, ice cream, sweets, and more.

According to their Instagram account, this shop will be ‘Bringing the vibrant flavors of Desi culture! Your one-stop shop for authentic spices, goodies, Halal meat, and more.’

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This shop is not to be confused with the grocery store Namaste Momo Cottage Deli which has been based in Jersey City for a number of years. In fact, it looks as though it may offer some competition to the John F. Kennedy Blvd store. For lovers of desi food however, this new arrival is surely a win.

For those wondering about the name, the term Namaste is often used in India as a way of politely greeting someone or saying hello. Namaste is typically accompanied by a gesture of placing the hands together in a prayer position at the heart center, typically with the palms pressed together and the thumbs gently touching. The eyes are often closed, and the head may be slightly bowed. This gesture is known as anjali mudra, and it symbolizes the union of the individual self with the divine.

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