New Burger & Donut restaurant opens in Hoboken

December 16, 2023 by No Comments

As of today, Dipped N’ Smashed has now opened in Hoboken. Today is the first day of its soft opening and is located at 91 Washington Street. This venue was previously occupied by Curry Up Now who used the location for three years before closing a few months back. Since then, the location has been fully renovated and is now open for business.

Dipped N’ Smashed is a new establishment in Hoboken that offers an extended menu compared to its sister store, Dipped Doughnuts located in Cliffside Park. The new venue not only provides build-your-own doughnuts but also features smashed burgers, hot dogs, and milkshakes. The BYO option at Dipped Doughnuts is quite popular, and we expect the same to be true at Dipped N’ Smashed.

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Customers can pick from a selection of five or more options in each category (coating, topping, and drizzle) to create their perfect doughnut. Additionally, there are ice cream and milkshake combinations, some of which incorporate doughnuts.

As seen by their social media videos, these aren’t regular doughnuts either. Here, they use a number of bright-colored, sugary toppings that are almost like the doughnut equivalent of a smash burger. So, if you’re in Union Square with a soft tooth, then Dipped N’ Smashed could become a frequent spot.


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