Locals fuming after LADOT enforces charges for street parking in Arts District

December 16, 2023 by No Comments

Up until yesterday, public parking in the Arts District was free. However, a recent LADOT poster showed that after yesterday, it now costs to park in this vicinity. The poster reads: ‘Paid parking in the Arts District. Starting December 15, 2023, the City of Los Angeles Department of Transportation will be implementing a new on-street paid parking system in the Arts District. Paid parking is being implemented to increase the availability of parking spaces.’

As seen below, the poster had been vandalized by Los Angeles residents who weren’t happy with the news. This included a variety of Monopoly-themed stickers that read ‘free parking’ and ‘Do not pass go, do not collect $200.’


The above poster was sighted at 3rd St between Traction and Santa Fe. Responding on social media, a number of LA residents had their say, and they were less than impressed. While this is understandable, it is believed that the fee will be charged at $1 per hour.

Nonetheless, it is still frustrating for residents who are used to not paying. On a similar note, this could also lead to future price hikes, or similar policies being included in other areas of the city which is where the cynicism comes from. This also includes a new 2 hour limit which was previously set at 4 hours.

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