6 Foot Alligator spotted in Lake Arlington by kayaker

December 16, 2023 by No Comments

Yesterday evening, an Arlington resident decided to kayak in Lake Arlington. While kayaking through the lake, they claimed to see a 6-foot alligator swimming beside them. This was accompanied by an image of the alligator which was very grainy. Nonetheless, this would be expected considering the time of day that the photograph was taken.

The photo of the alligator was shared on Reddit by the person who snapped it. Here, they wrote: “Was out on my kayak fishing when I crossed paths with it. Looked to be 5-6 feet. It followed me for a while then eventually swam off.” Naturally, you may feel uneasy if this prehistoric beast were to follow you in the night time waters of Lake Arlington.


Although Arlington isn’t known for its alligators, there have been several sightings of them in this lake over the years. This isn’t well known by many residents, however it is not a rumor. The official Arlington website has documented this and claims: ‘The City of Arlington is no exception and though rare, alligators have been reported in creeks and lakes.’

Based on this, you may want to think twice about going swimming in Lake Arlington in the future, as you just don’t know what could end up following you in there.

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