New Draft Kings Sports & Social bar to replace Melt

December 15, 2023 by No Comments

Columbus residents may be interested in hearing what is replacing the venue previously occupied by Melt Bar & Grill. As seen in the image below, a DraftKings Sports and Social will be its replacement. According to the wrap covering the windows, this is ‘coming soon’ which means the insides are probably undergoing a refurbishment. While this venue may not be what local foodies wanted, it may appeal to those who are into sports and betting. Recently, these venues have been expanding across the US and this will be the first of its kind in Columbus.


News of this was first shared on Reddit where the photograph was uploaded. This generated plenty of comments too, as hundreds of users gave their say. The general consensus was that this establishment was a little underwhelming but may do well from a financial perspective.

DraftKings Sports and Social is a chain of sports bars and entertainment venues operated by DraftKings, a leading sports betting and fantasy sports company. These venues are designed to be the ultimate destination for sports fans and bettors alike, with large screens showing live games, comfortable seating, and a range of food and drink options. They also feature betting kiosks and TV screens displaying odds and lines, allowing patrons to place bets on their favorite teams and events.

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