Kay Ivey criticized over Alabama broadband claims after opposing its introduction

December 15, 2023 by No Comments

Yesterday, Alabama Governor Kay Ivey took to her personal Twitter account to boast about improving broadband and internet services in the state. While there’s nothing wrong with this, the context here is key. And a number of her constituents noticed this and let her know in the comments section.

Speaking on Twitter, Ivey wrote: ‘This morning, I completed the third stop of my broadband tour at Atmore Community Hospital. Telehealth is a necessity, and without broadband, this resource is out of reach for many. I am proud Alabama remains committed to expanding our digital infrastructure. #alpolitics’

Responding to this, one user named Paula Cobia claimed: “Unbelievable how @GovernorKayIvey& @SenTubervillecontinuously try to take credit for broadband finally coming state-wide to Alabama even though they (& the entire Alabama @HouseGOPdelegation) strongly opposed it. They offer no thanks on our behalf to President Biden, but I do.”

Similarly, a user named P. Stephen Vail added: “Why are you claiming responsibility for something you consistently voted against?”

As seen, it looks like the people of Alabama aren’t too pleased with Ivey trying to take credit for the broadband rollout in the state. Once again, this is an example of how politicians can view things very differently compared to their constituents.


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