Fantasy metro system shows a better Chicago – And everyone is saying the same thing

December 15, 2023 by No Comments

Yesterday, a Chicago-based egghead devised a new metro system for the city. This fantasy proposal included new additions to the current system that centered around the silver line as well as tweaks also found elsewhere.

The proposal was first put forward on Reddit where it gained hundreds of comments. Here, the majority of the comments were complimentary of the fantasy design. Having said this, some realists also pointed out the financial and logistical issues that would probably stop this idea from ever becoming a reality. Interestingly, a lot of people also said the same thing which happened to be based on the cemeteries surrounding the train routes.


The idea put forward by many was that local cemeteries were currently blocking any potential plans of progress. One user said this: “Freeing up all that northside cemetery space with parks would be AMAZING for the city. Rosehill cemetery park, Bohemian cemetery Park, and Graceland Cemetery Park. Think of how many more people would benefit from that instead of a cemetery. How about installing a massive monument with all of the deceased people’s names on it as remembrance?”

In other words, many agreed that this fantasy idea could become a reality. However, this may also include the removal of cemetaries which may prove difficult for obvious reasons.


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