Stunning Phoenix mansion hits the market – And its price tag may astound you

December 14, 2023 by No Comments

While most Phoenix houses are roughly average in terms of national prices, this property certainly is not. As seen, this is not a normal pad and is instead priced to reflect its luxury features. Listed on Zillow, it is available for a cool $7,950,000 and boasts 6 bedrooms, 7 bedrooms, and 6,508 sqft of living space.

Perhaps one of the best features is the architecture that uses large windows and rectangular shapes to provide a classy, minimalist vibe. The front of the house faces a red mountain, while the back features a huge backyard with a stylish swimming pool. As a result, you’ll never be bored living here.


Aside from the aforementioned, this property also includes 20ft ceilings, a gourmet kitchen, an office room, as well as well landscaped gardens, open-plan lounges, a laundry room, and garage spaces. When combined with the location and modern interior, you can see why this is so desirable.


Having said this, it may still prove difficult to shift. Despite being near flawless, it’s arguably too nice at times and will attract a very select (and wealthy) group of potential buyers in the city. Regardless, you can’t deny that this isn’t a beautiful property and that it’s certainly unique.


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