Strange strobe lights seen near Bluebonnet – But there is a simple explanation

December 14, 2023 by No Comments

If you’ve been around Bluebonnet at night, you may have noticed strobing light recently. These lights flicker into the sky, showing white, orange, and blue colors. Recently, a curious Baton Rouge resident filmed the lights in action.

Naturally, this got people speculating on social media what the purpose of the lights were used for. Here, some jokingly claimed it was a signal for Batman. Unfortunately, the truth is much more mundane and it serves a very practical purpose.


In short, the purpose of this is for the local heliport. Heliports shine lights into the sky for several reasons, primarily to serve as visual aids for pilots, especially in low-visibility conditions like fog or darkness. These lights illuminate the landing area, improving visibility for pilots, and help to guide approaching helicopters by indicating the centerline and approach path. This aids pilots in maintaining the correct alignment and prevents overshooting or undershooting the landing area.

The lights also serve to enhance the safety of personnel and equipment on the ground by making it easier to see moving helicopters and avoid collisions. Additionally, they communicate with other air traffic, such as airplanes, indicating the heliport’s usage and the presence of helicopters in the area. This helps to prevent accidents and maintain air traffic safety.

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